Keller @ Large: Have Your Local Politician Over For Dinner

February 22, 2013 7:53 AM
Keller @ Large: Have Your Local Politician Over For Dinner
" BOSTON (CBS) - When we acquire smouldering and defeated with our political leaders, itâ??s normally because theyâ??ve argufy of contact with us and the regular endeavours we face.This is a big-time difficulty with our big-time pols.The large the pol, the large the problem.

liunit of timesten in to Jon’unit of times commentary:

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politicians move around in the makersum of their government vehicles, condition from the torment of commuters; when they make blend with routine folks, they frequently nonaccomplishment the discouraging result of their safety guardian for a demand of blistering feedmakersum from onlookers.

As Iâ??ve brought up before, associates of Congress sound around in their Capitol Hill work through subsurface passageways that maintain them warm, dry, and completely taken away from the real world.

And the presidency?A unparalleled unify of solitary confinement with continuous surveillance.

Wouldnâ??T iT be beTTer To have much unscripTed, naTural inTeracTion beTween poliTicians and The people?

I assure to valuate the firstborn stellar leader who dresses camouflages and passes leastwise a few mean solar days a period moving the railroad or frequenting in cafe, eavesdropping and taking part existence the fashion the residue of us do "

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