Keller @ Large: If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Bother To Complain

April 30, 2013 1:45 PM
Keller @ Large: If You Don’t Vote, Don’t Bother To Complain
" BOSTON (CBS) – Today is Senate primary voting day in Massachusetts, the day when we choose the candidates who will be on the ballot in June, with the winner likely representing us in the Senate for years to come.

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It’s an important vote, and if you choose to throw it away, don’t be complaining down the road that you don’t like the choice in the final.

Speaking of choices, what do we have on today’s ballot? There’s no one without flaws; no ballot has ever offered a candidate without some.

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But if you’re struggling to decide, let me help you with a positive take on all five candidates.

On the Democratic side, Congressman Stephen Lynch is a tough, smart guy who worked his way up from poverty. While he votes with his party leadership most of the time, he has shown an impressive willingness to think for himself when it matters "

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