Keller @ Large: Obama Visit Another Sour Note For Independents

June 12, 2013 12:15 PM
Keller @ Large: Obama Visit Another Sour Note For Independents
" BOSTON (CBS) - The president is coming to town Wednesday to campaign for Senate candidate Ed Markey, and as always, he’ll encounter a friendly crowd in a state where his approval rating remains very high even as it slumps elsewhere.

And despite the claim of some pundits that the visit might actually backfire on Markey, I seriously doubt it. Consolidating and exciting the core Democratic vote is crucial for Markey, and Mr. Obama will surely provide that.

But as we saw three years ago, when the president came to Boston just two days before the Senate special to try to boost Martha Coakley, there are limits to how much he can do.

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Back then, Mr "

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