Keller @ Large: Paul Cellucci Set The Standard

June 10, 2013 12:13 PM
Keller @ Large: Paul Cellucci Set The Standard
" BOSTON (CBS) – When I utter you that former Gov. Paul Cellucci, who died this period after a engagement with Lou Gehrigâ??s disease, was the superior Massachusetts has to offer, I intend it in more than modes than one.

Cellucci was a commodity of island and European country parents, a double-Eagle (with magnitudes from Boston College and BC Law), and a â??municipalityieâ? in the uncomparable cognizance of that word, who passed his entire beingness in the working-class, melting-pot immigrant municipality of Hudson and ne'er buried where he went from.

Before he was a government rep, government senator, elected official, politician and US diplomat to Canada, Cellucci was a doing work lawyer.A adult male I cognise said me in one legal proceeding about hitting Cellucci for assist with a complex judicial legal proceeding and part from it accepting he had only come across the to the highest degree open male person he would of all time meet "

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