Keller @ Large: Plenty Of Layers In DCF Failures

April 29, 2014 12:00 PM
Keller @ Large: Plenty Of Layers In DCF Failures
BOSTON (CBS) – How many layers of failure are involved in the appalling state of affairs at the Department of Children and Families, the state agency in charge of overseeing the care of foster children and those stuck in dysfunctional families?

" Plenty, starting with the families themselves.

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Life is hard. A sudden death or a tough break in life can sometimes lead to poverty, mental illness or drug addiction. Other times those problems are inherited.

People who struggle this way need our help, and we ought to giving more of it.

But when they bring children into the picture, and can’t be reliable parents, that’s unnecessarily escalating the damage.

Then there’s the Department of Children and Families, where many dedicated people toil.

Unfortunately, they are surrounded by too many colleagues in various stages of incompetence, from shirkers to the clueless "

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