Keller @ Large: Political Conventions Are A Waste

September 7, 2012 12:00 AM
Keller @ Large: Political Conventions Are A Waste
" CHARLOTTE, NC (CBS) – Whether you loved President Obama’s acceptance speech last night, hated it, or couldn’t care less, you all have something in common – most of you won’t be able to recall much about it in a few days from now. Don’t believe me? Quick – quote me a memorable line from Mitt Romney’s speech.

If you can, I’m pretty sure you’re an exception. No disrespect to those fine men and their speechwriters, but the public in general – and especially those precious-few undecided voters – are not hanging on every word of political speeches by anyone.

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To most of them, the conventions are background noise. TV ratings for the big show have been dropping like a rock for years, with 2008 a notable exception thanks to Barack Obama and Sarah Palin. Last night’s “War and Peace” of a speech by former President Clinton was catnip for political junkies, but the public preferred NFL football by a wide margin.

When was the last time a political convention turned out to be a pivotal moment in a presidential race? Never, that’s when "

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