Keller @ Large: Political Junkies Look Silly Now

October 10, 2012 7:11 AM
Keller @ Large: Political Junkies Look Silly Now
BOSTON (CBS) – The political chattering class in America – the cable TV shouting heads, the bloggers and columnists, the scores of overly-excitable partisans and would-be pundits on Twitter – are in a tizzy… or should we call it a Twizzy?

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" In the past week, their world has been abruptly turned upside down.

President Obama showed up for the first presidential debate seemingly underprepared, and turned in a listless, indifferent performance. Mitt Romney may have been playing loose with the facts – a behavior never before witnessed in a politician – but he was sharp, energetic, and on the offensive.

And since then, poll after poll has shown the same result – four years’ worth of spin, image-making, TV attack ads, partisan punditry, and don’t forget the obsessive Tweeting, has been seemingly swept away by one debate.

And a presidential race that the chattering class, liberals and conservatives alike, had all but written off as a rout is suddenly a dead heat, with the loser/challenger on a roll and the winner/incumbent looking like a loser.

What happened?

Simple "

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