Keller @ Large: Scott Brown For President?

August 19, 2013 8:45 PM
Keller @ Large: Scott Brown For President?
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" BOSTON (CBS) – Scott Brown, thinking of running for president?

" Or, at least, as he told the Herald, “curious” about whether or not there’s national GOP interest in “a bi-partisan problem solver”?

" Hey, why not?

" It’s everyone’s right to aspire to something bigger. And in Massachusetts at least, it seems like every elected official from alderman on up fancies themselves taking the oath in a fancy overcoat outside the Capitol.

Listen to Jon’s commentary: play pause Keller at Large Aug 19 2013 Jon Keller Download

And Brown can plausibly argue – to himself, at least – that he’s adequately qualified to float the idea of running. He has more legislative experience now than the current president had when he ran "

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