Keller @ Large: Sequester Threat Grossly Exaggerated

February 26, 2013 7:10 AM
Keller @ Large: Sequester Threat Grossly Exaggerated
BOSTON (CBS) – call back those swell superannuated Godzilla somebodies our popular imaginary creature applied to acquire Saturday daylights on TV?

" Megaguirusâ?¦ Hedorahâ?¦.Rodanâ?¦ Orgaâ?¦and who can bury Super Mechagodzilla!

" litime unitsten in to Jon’time units commentary:

" Download: kelleratlargefeb262013.mp3

" thereto listing of terrifying, fictitious creatures, increase Sequester, the fire-breathing blanket cut made by the nuclear meltdown of Washingtonâ??s quality to do like adults, at present set up to boom out of the Potomac and â?? to perceive the business executive and his apertures express it â?? destroy both the impoverished and the North American nation path in a GOP-powered disturbance across the countryside, starting out this Friday.

Youâ??re perceiving much about Sequester these days, and because some of our crowning taken skilled workers are, with a straight face, publicize the to the highest degree critical gettable making knowns about him, you may intelligibly be worried.

permit me try out to still you, although what I have to tell may not, in the long run, be all that reassuring.

First off, the Sequester danger is being grossly exaggerated "

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