Keller @ Large: Small Is Beautiful

May 22, 2014 12:00 PM
Keller @ Large: Small Is Beautiful
" BOSTON (CBS) – In 1973, the book “Small is Beautiful” came out, a collection of essays by a British economist that amid a fair amount of trendy mumbo-jumbo contained an interesting premise: that smaller organizations were better, smarter and more attuned to real human needs than larger organizations.

It argued for valuing people over profit, and human well-being over gross national product.

“Small is Beautiful” became a bible of sorts for idealistic baby-boomers, and its basic concept has proven to be very relevant 41 years later.

Just look at the horrific shambles of the Veterans Administration hospital system, now engulfed in a nationwide scandal over their failure to give ailing veterans timely medical care, and apparent efforts to falsify records to cover it up.

The president’s disappointing response Wednesday, after weeks of apparently hoping the whole story would go away, was to roll out a bunch of empty platitudes about how angry he was and how determined he was to fix it.

That won’t be happening.

The administration has thrown billions at the VA system in recent years and things have gotten worse. Mr. Obama’s predecessors also proved unable to stop the agency’s slide into complete ineptitude "

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