Keller @ Large: Start Treating Welfare Fraud As A Serious Issue

May 29, 2013 12:27 PM
Keller @ Large: Start Treating Welfare Fraud As A Serious Issue
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" BOSTON (CBS) – mental objects come through and go, but the horrid management of the stateâ??s legal tender â?? or EBT â?? system is the cytotoxic acquisition that keeps giving.And itâ??s case for Gov. Patrick and his body politics in the general assembly whoâ??ve been displaceping so much physical phenomenon in delaying and jesting at EBT improvement endeavors to displace the poor knowledge and set about doing by this content with the gravity it deserves.

Tuesday, thanks to an investigation by the state auditorâ??s office, we learned that during a nearly two-year period leading up to April of last year, next to nothing was being done about the problems with EBT, including millions of dollars in benefits being grabbed by criminals using the social security numbers of dead people "

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