Keller @ Large: The More Local The Politician, The Better They Are

January 7, 2014 1:00 PM
Keller @ Large: The More Local The Politician, The Better They Are
BOSTON  (CBS) – What do you want your government to do?

" That question is at the core of most of the political campaigns and disputes we cover. Different people have different answers, and often, it feels like our politicians don’t really get it.

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They either want government to do too much, or too little, or for the benefit of the wrong people.

But sometimes it feels like the more local the pol, the better chance they get it right.

Mayor Menino, like Mayor Flynn before him, understood what made life good in Boston neighborhoods – a close-knit community with decent services and recreation where you can live and raise your family safely. And whatever other visions or personal ambitions they had, they worked hard to deliver on that basic promise "

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