Keller @ Large: Warren Better Suited For U.S. Senate

April 23, 2014 11:50 AM
Keller @ Large: Warren Better Suited For U.S. Senate
" BOSTON (CBS) —- Senator Elizabeth Warren says she isn’t running for president in the next election.

She says it again and again and again, and signs letters urging Hillary Clinton to run instead.

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While people insist on continuing to ask her, I, for one, believe it.

I’ve never seen anyone who could keep a good poker face talking about the presidency, and if Warren is bluffing, she’s got the best poker face I’ve ever seen.

And the truth is, there is no good reason why she should run.

Elizabeth Warren isn’t especially qualified to be president.

She has held public office for barely 15 months, and if she did run and win she would take the highest office with less political experience than any president in the past half-century. The current president has struggled with the politics of the office, as did his predecessor, and they both had more time under their belts than she would.

It’s also hard to see how Warren’s entertainingly-blunt contempt for the status-quo and expansive view of government’s role, however justified from issue to issue, matches what’s expected from an effective president of a divided country "

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