Keller @ Large: Warren Steps Out Of Her Political Comfort Zone

June 12, 2012 12:00 AM
Keller @ Large: Warren Steps Out Of Her Political Comfort Zone

" BOSTON (CBS) – In the race for U.S. senate, challenger Elizabeth Warren is taking her message of financial market reform beyond her political comfort zone.

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Warren addressed a crowd that isn’t necessarily sold on her push for new business regulations in Randolph on Tuesday, as the bankers and small business owners at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce are a far cry from the left-leaning audiences eager for government crackdowns on Wall Street and big business.

For Warren, it was a chance to tout her work in Washington creating new curbs on big-money financial malfeasance to smaller-scale bankers and businesspeople who had nothing to do with Wall Street’s meltdown.

“One of our central goals was to create simpler, more-streamlined rules,” said Warren.

But, would those skeptical of new government regulation swallow the message Warren was serving up?

“That is not the way the regulation has worked, unfortunately. What has happened and I just think this is terribly wrong, is there’s been a real bearing-down on the smaller financial institutions,” said Warren.

Most of those in attendance sat on their hands throughout, giving a polite applause only at the end "

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