Keller @ Large: We’re Becoming A ‘Me’ Culture

July 12, 2012 12:00 AM
Keller @ Large: We’re Becoming A ‘Me’ Culture
" BOSTON (CBS) - Maybe we should add this to the ever-growing list of scientific studies that prove something we already knew, such as too much of anything probably isn’t good for you.

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According to USA Today, researchers at San Diego State University used an online database that includes the text of millions of books to track usage trends of certain words and phrases. And they found that since 1960, there’s been a steady increase in the use of words — like “self,” “loner,” and “personal — and phrases like “I am special,” “looking out for number one,” and the ever-popular “my needs” that convey individualism.

At the same time, words like “community,” “team” and “share,” and phrases like “all in this together,” “common good,” and “united we stand” have become significantly less common "

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