Keller @ Large: When Ego Overwhelms Common Sense

January 9, 2014 1:00 PM
Keller @ Large: When Ego Overwhelms Common Sense
" BOSTON (CBS) – Here’s a fun political question for you: if Gov. Patrick, two months before his re-election in 2010, had ordered a traffic study in the Sumner Tunnel that caused gridlocked traffic for days in East Boston; and if we subsequently found out that some of the governor’s closest aides had ordered up the nightmare strictly to punish an East Boston politician for not supporting Patrick’s re-election, how would you react?

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Let me guess – you’d want to see video of the governor personally firing the offenders, then abjectly apologizing to the public for allowing such a dangerous, selfish travesty to occur.

And if you found out that the governor himself had known about it, or tried to cover it up once he found out about it, you’d want the governor himself to be held accountable, big-time.

Gov "

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