Keller @ Large: Why Does DCF Struggle For Much-Needed Resources?

March 14, 2014 12:00 PM
Keller @ Large: Why Does DCF Struggle For Much-Needed Resources?
" BOSTON (CBS) – I spent my day Thursday talking with people close to the Department for Children and Families, DCF – the state agency charged with protecting kids from dangerously dysfunctional families (or with no families of their own) – that’s been under fire since the fiasco of Jeremiah Oliver, the little Fitchburg boy missing and presumed dead for months before the agency in charge of monitoring him even knew he was gone.

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And one refrain I heard is especially hard to swallow – that all this is really nothing new.

The cycle is: often underpaid, overworked, poorly-trained social workers and their sometimes incompetent supervisors trying to do one of the hardest jobs in state government bungle the task. Public and media outrage ensue. Beacon Hill reacts with more funding and vows of reform.

Over time, the outrage fades, and the funding gets cut or fails to keep up with the need "

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