Lawmakers Consider Allowing Wine Shipments In Mass.

November 12, 2013 11:00 PM
Lawmakers Consider Allowing Wine Shipments In Mass.
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" BOSTON (CBS) — Kip Kumler loves his wine.

In fact he loves it so much, fifteen years ago he opened up his own winery in Lincoln called Turtle Creek.

He along with other wine lovers say it’s time for state lawmakers to allow consumers to buy wine from any state they want.

Right now, Massachusetts state law prohibits out of state wineries from shipping directly to customers.

“You will find that every winery in Mass. is in favor of direct shipment. The more choice the consumer has the better it is for all participants,” Kumler said.

At the State House on Tuesday, the Joint Committee On Consumer And Professional Licensure heard testimonies from business owners and customers pushing for a winery-to-consumer bill to be passed.

Richard Libby owns his own winery in California but has offices in Ipswich "

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