Lawrence Mayor Lantigua Weighs Recount After Losing Election

November 7, 2013 3:46 AM
Lawrence Mayor Lantigua Weighs Recount After Losing Election
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" LAWRENCE, Mass. (AP) — Ballots from the Lawrence mayoral election were locked in a vault under police guard Wednesday in anticipation of a possible recount in the nonpartisan race, with challenger Daniel Rivera claiming a narrow victory over incumbent William Lantigua.

Unofficial preliminary returns from Tuesday’s election showed Rivera with 60 more votes than Lantigua out of more than 15,000 cast in the Merrimack Valley city. Under Massachusetts law, municipal candidates have 10 days to petition for recounts in one or more city wards.

Lawrence police officer guards a vault where the ballots from Tuesday night’s election are being held. (Christina Hager/WBZ)

Lantigua said late Wednesday afternoon it was too early to say whether he would ask for a recount. The mayor and his lawyer, Sal Tabit, said at a news conference that they planned to wait until provisional ballots and all absentee ballots were tabulated "

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