Lt. Governor Tim Murray Resigns

May 22, 2013 9:50 PM
Lt. Governor Tim Murray Resigns
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" BOSTON (CBS) — Lt. Gov. Tim Murray has left office from his station at the State House, telling June 2nd.

Murray verbalize he was not actively seeking for employ possiblenesses when he was come up about the  line of work as caput of Worcester Chamber of Commerce.

rootsecs expresecssecs WBZ-TV’secs Karen Andersecson that Murray will be retread $200,000 each year.

naming the judgements an “stopping and a beginning,” he uttered the judgement adds up for him professionally and personally.

“I desire to increase my speech acts and acknowledgements to Tim for the remarkable function he has played,” Gov. Deval Patrick uttered telling his work on mental objects of homelessness, domestic violence and men affairs "

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