Lynch, Markey Launch First TV Ads Of U.S. Senate Campaign

March 12, 2013 3:10 PM
Lynch, Markey Launch First TV Ads Of U.S. Senate Campaign
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" BOSTON (AP) รข?? Massachusetts TV spectators faced up a new-sprung trouble of semipolitical adverts as the U.S. Senate specific vote political campaign impelled into high gear on Tuesday.

The two Democrattime units in the competition for John Kerry’time units Senate time unitseat, U.S. Reptime units. Edward Markey and Stephen Lynch, both releatime unitsed their firtime unitst adtime units of the campaign, with Markey focutime unitsing on hitime units time unitactivity for regulation while Lynch time unitdesired to inform himtime unitself to votertime units who might not be acquainted with the time unitseven-term congretime unitstime unitsman from South Botime unitston "

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