Markey Leads Gomez By 4 Points In New Senate Race Poll

May 3, 2013 4:26 PM
Markey Leads Gomez By 4 Points In New Senate Race Poll
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" BOSTON (CBS) รข?? Rep. Ed Markey has a lean Pb over Gabriel Gomez in a recent research in the U.S. Senate contest in Massachusetts.

The scrutiny from Public Policy Polling relinquished Friday demonstrates Markey directing 44-percent to 40 "

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Markey Leads Gomez In New Poll

Ed Markey a 48-41 lead over former Navy SEAL Gabriel Gomez in the Massachusetts U.S. Senate race. The survey is the third to suggest that

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Poll: Markey Leads Gomez in Mass. Senate Special

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Poll: Markey leads Gomez by 17% in US Senate race

Markey has repeatedly challenged Gomez to take the so-called People's Pledge, but Gomez has refused and pointed at special interest money

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Gabriel Gomez's internal polling shows tight US Senate race with Ed ...

The internal poll concluded that while Markey leads overall, Gomez has opened up a lead among independent, unenrolled voters who

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