Martha Coakley: ‘We Made Mistakes’ With Campaign Funds

November 15, 2013 4:51 PM
Martha Coakley: ‘We Made Mistakes’ With Campaign Funds
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" BOSTON (CBS) – Attorney General Martha Coakley, who’s running for governor, admitted mistakes were made regarding the handling of her campaign funds.

She took questions about the issue for the first time Friday during a taping of WBZ-TV’s Keller Large.

Jon Keller: The Boston Globe raised questions about the handling of your campaign funds.  State law prohibits the use of federal campaign funds in a state election, but since running for U.S. Senate in 2010, you’ve spent $6,000 out of your federal account on expenses promoting your candidacy for state office and you also spent money out of your federal account on software that keeps track of volunteers and donors.

As the state’s top law officer who’s prosecuted other politicians for comparable violations, how could this happen?

Coakley: “The first we’ve become aware of the issues with the FEC (Federal Election Commission) are recent, came to our attention "

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