Marty Walsh Or John Connolly Will Succeed Tom Menino As Boston Mayor

September 25, 2013 7:57 PM
Marty Walsh Or John Connolly Will Succeed Tom Menino As Boston Mayor
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" BOSTON (AP) — The two candidates who emerged from a crowded field as finalists to succeed longtime Mayor Thomas Menino now face the difficult task of winning over an electorate that still seems decidedly uncertain over the city’s next generation of leadership.

State Rep. Martin Walsh, a favorite of organized labor, and City Councilor John Connolly, a former teacher who has focused on education in his campaign, were the top vote-getters out of 12 candidates in the preliminary election Tuesday, but with only 18 percent and 17 percent of the vote, respectively, according to unofficial returns. Walsh had 20,838 votes, while Connolly collected 19,420.

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The two Democrats have six weeks until the Nov. 5 general election to try to win over the tens of thousands of voters who cast ballots for the other candidates or who sat out the preliminary round altogether "

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