Marty Walsh Sworn In As Boston’s New Mayor

January 6, 2014 4:20 PM
Marty Walsh Sworn In As Boston’s New Mayor
" BOSTON (CBS/AP) — Boston’s first new mayor in two decades is wasting little time in getting down to work.

Following a swearing-in ceremony at Boston College on Monday morning, Marty Walsh is scheduled to address the city council and then hold a closed public safety meeting early in the afternoon.

Watch: Walsh’s Inaugural Address

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Walsh’s inaugural speech highlighted his plans to stem violence, strengthen the school system, create jobs, and improve transparency in city government.

“I will listen, I will learn, I will lead,” Walsh said.

Read: Walsh’s Remarks

“Together we are sworn in together. Together, we are committing to do all we can for the city we love. Together, we can move our great city forward.”

Walsh also paid tribute to former Mayor Tom Menino and thanked him for his advice during the transition "

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