Mass. Gov. Allocates $73K For Sustainable Affordable Housing

November 14, 2013 7:00 PM
Mass. Gov. Allocates $73K For Sustainable Affordable Housing
" BOSTON (AP) — The state is committing $73 million to build or preserve affordable housing in Massachusetts, Gov. Deval Patrick announced on Thursday.

Under the plan, a total of two dozen projects in 17 Massachusetts communities would add or save more than 1,100 affordable housing units, creating nearly 2,000 construction jobs in the process.

Patrick announced the plan at the Putnam Square Apartments in Cambridge, where 94 units of housing for seniors will be maintained with the help of $2.8 million in federal low-income housing tax credits and subsidies.

“Government’s role is to help people help themselves, and sustainable affordable housing will create growth and opportunity in our communities that will last for generations to come,” Patrick said in a statement "

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