Mass. Senate Race Shifts Focus To Economy

June 1, 2013 1:54 PM
Mass. Senate Race Shifts Focus To Economy
" BOSTON (AP) â?? The secondscheme in Masecondssecondsachusecondsettseconds may be getting along better than the resecondsidue of the country, but it’seconds secondnevertheless far behind the roar twelvemonthseconds of the late 1990seconds when the secondgovernment savor diminishing state and secondheaving revenueseconds.At times, it looked the government had much medium of exchange than lawgivers cognise what to make with.

Now comes the special election for a U.S. Senate seat, and Massachusetts’ economic ups and downs â?? the boom, the more recent bust of the recession years, and its modest rebound â?? haven’t gotten major play in the contest between Republican Gabriel Gomez and Democrat Edward Markey.

But that could be changing.

Both political leaders have set about putting on the line out positions, although at clips rocky to distinguish, on the foremost manner to back up keep and speed the recovery.

citizens will reach pick out it all out June 25 when they will pick out a compeer to John Kerry, who stepped down to change state secretary "

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