Mayor Menino Prepares For Life After City Hall

December 21, 2013 4:42 AM
Mayor Menino Prepares For Life After City Hall
" BOSTON (CBS) – The day Marty Walsh is sworn in as Boston’s new mayor, he’ll go to work and Mayor Tom Menino will go the airport for a well-earned vacation.

He leaves the city with a $20-million surplus and a lot of questions about what life will be like without him at City Hall.

“My toughest decision, as mayor, in my whole career, was not to run,” Menino told WBZ-TV’s Lisa Hughes. “I love this job. It’s the best job in America.”

That is why not even the mayor’s wife, Angela, was sure he’d step down.

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“There were many things he hadn’t finished,” said Angela. “I wasn’t really sure. That had to be his decision.”

Mayor Menino announced he would not seek another term in March. Tributes came pouring in "

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