Mayor Menino’s Emotional Day Ends With Call From President Obama

March 28, 2013 11:06 PM
Mayor Menino’s Emotional Day Ends With Call From President Obama
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" BOSTON (CBS) – Mayor Tom Menino’s departure will mark the end of an era, but he wants everyone to know he has another nine months in office and intends to work hard to the finish.

The mayor ended his busy day on NightSide with Dan Rea.

Soon after, he received a phone call from the White House.

Boston Mayor Tom Menino on the phone with President Barack Obama. (Photo from Peter Casey)

Seventeen hours after his emotional day started, Mayor Menino was still going, getting words of thanks from President Obama and singing the city’s praises.

“Mr. President we got a great city here, we just got to work together to make it better,” Menino said.

Earlier in the day, President Obama released a statement saying, “Boston is the vibrant, welcoming, and world-class city it is today because of Tom Menino.”

On NightSide, the mayor explained what went into the toughest decision of his political career "

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