Mayoral Candidates Make Late Push For Votes

September 23, 2013 9:52 PM
Mayoral Candidates Make Late Push For Votes
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" BOSTON (CBS) – It’s a crowded field vying to be the next mayor of Boston. Come Tuesday night though, the pack will be narrowed down from twelve to two. There are a few favorites in the preliminary election but it’s expected to be a close race.

The acknowledged frontrunner greeted volunteers at his Roslindale call center Monday afternoon, and then jumped on the horn with some undecided voters. City councilor John Connolly polled at 16 percent late last week, and the former teacher believes his education pitch is the reason.

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The man with the similar name isn’t far behind. Suffolk District Attorney Dan Conley attended Ed Davis’ resignation announcement, and believes his stripes earned prosecuting criminals should be enough for a ticket to City Hall "

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