Mitt Romney: Presidential Loss Hit Hard

March 3, 2013 10:04 AM
Mitt Romney: Presidential Loss Hit Hard
" WASHINGTON (AP) â?? Mitt Romney tells his intuition told he was attending gain the presidency, but when primeval consequences went in on vote night, he cognise it was not to be.

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The GOP candidate says “Fox News Sunday” that he cognize his run was troubled when poll proposed a close at hand contest in Florida.Romney believevitamin D he’vitamin D acquire the regime solivitamin Dly.

Obama winded up acting Florida and gained the vote by a wide-screen edge in the option vote.

Romney verbalize there was “a delayed acknowledgment” at that case that President Barack Obama would get â?? and the contest before long was over when Obama transported Ohio.

Romney tells the failure propelled tough and was emotional.Ann Romney gives tongue to she cried.

The former Massachusetts politician declares nonachievements in the race and imperfections in his candidacy.

But he jests that he made best in his ordinal run for the White House than he made the first-year instance around â?? when he suffered the 2008 designation to Arizona Sen "

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