Obama Campaigns In NH While Romney Attends Fundraisers In Mass.

August 18, 2012 12:00 AM
Obama Campaigns In NH While Romney Attends Fundraisers In Mass.

" WINDHAM, NH (CBS) – President Obama made two stops in New Hampshire Saturday, drawing large crowds and opening a newer, more aggressive attack against his opponent Mitt Romney and Romney’s new running mate Rep. Paul Ryan.

A fired up and enthusiastic crowd greeted Obama at his first stop in Windham. They cheered as he outlined his accomplishments and booed at the first mention of Ryan.

“He put forward a plan that would let Governor Romney pay less than one percent in taxes each year and here’s the kicker: he expects you to pick up the tab,” the president told the crowd of 2300 supporters.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030′s Kim Tunnicliffe reports

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In the week since Ryan entered the race, the campaign rhetoric has shifted. Obama still accuses Romney of cutting taxes for the rich. But Medicare is the newest campaign fight as both sides seek to gain the upper hand on an issue where Rep. Ryan has offered controversial plans.

The president accused Romney and Ryan of wanting to turn Medicare into a voucher system.

“My plan has already extended Medicare by nearly a decade "

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