Patrick’s Amendment To Mass. Transportation Bill Seen As Unlikely To Pass

July 6, 2013 1:29 PM
Patrick’s Amendment To Mass. Transportation Bill Seen As Unlikely To Pass
" BOSTON (AP) — After initiating what he called a “conversation” over how to modernize the state’s infrastructure and erase chronic shortfalls in transportation funding, Gov. Deval Patrick is now squabbling with legislators over details of the bill he was delivered and is likely to end up with far less than he originally sought.

“I understand that governors don’t always get what they prefer, and I respect the legislature’s prerogative to take a different approach,” Patrick said as he returned the bill to lawmakers with a change that would automatically raise the gasoline tax if tolls are removed from the western Massachusetts Turnpike.

Legislative leaders did not wait for Patrick to finish briefing reporters on the amendment before firing off a statement opposing it. As a result — barring some last-minute meeting of the minds — the House and Senate will almost certainly vote down the amendment, perhaps as early as Monday.

The governor, who has vowed not to sign the bill without the change, would then have little choice but to veto the bill in the face of a likely override. Another option might be to let the bill become law without his signature "

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