Political Ad Spending Expected To Top $1 Billion For Presidential Election

September 8, 2012 12:00 AM
Political Ad Spending Expected To Top $1 Billion For Presidential Election
" NEW YORK (AP) — Get ready, presidential swing states. Now the campaign ad crush — and TV spending spree — really begins.

The TV ad war for the 2012 presidential contest, its total spending expected to swell to $1.1 billion, is set to start anew now that both party conventions are over and the two-month sprint to the general election is under way. Just over a third of that amount has been spent so far, according to the Kantar/Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks campaign ad spending.

That means the campaigns and independent groups will spend more on the air in the final eight weeks of the presidential contest than they did in the first five months.

The biggest change is on the Republican side, with Mitt Romney now free to tap millions in general election funds he had collected but could not spend until becoming the party’s official nominee. With that accomplished, the GOP’s already significant spending advantage over President Barack Obama and his Democratic allies will grow larger still — the first time in history an incumbent president will have been outspent on the air by his opponents "

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