Sen. Brown Gives Farewell Speech On Senate Floor

December 12, 2012 12:44 PM
Sen. Brown Gives Farewell Speech On Senate Floor
" WASHINGTON (CBS/AP) — U.S. Sen. Scott Brown is saying goodbye to his fellow senators after three years in Congress.

Brown, who lost his re-election bid to Democrat Elizabeth Warren, gave a farewell speech on the Senate floor Wednesday.

Brown thanked Massachusetts voters for letting him represent them and said he kept his promise to vote on issues based on their individual merits rather than partisan politics.

“I’m proud that I did keep my promise to be independent,” said Brown. “When I arrived here, I promised that I would read the bills, see how they affected Massachusetts, our country, our debt and our deficit and then I would vote in an independent manner based on the merits of that issue rather than partisan politics.”

The Republican also pointed to several bills he helped push through, including legislation to ban insider trading by members of Congress and a measure designed to help returning veterans find work.

Brown gave no indication of his future political plans, but said he was concerned about the sharp partisan divisions in Washington.

He called on both parties to put aside differences for the good of the country "

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