Sequester-Related Cuts To Head Start Program Impacting 2,000 Children In Mass.

August 29, 2013 9:38 PM
Sequester-Related Cuts To Head Start Program Impacting 2,000 Children In Mass.
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" BOSTON (CBS) – When the school year begins this fall at least 2,015 children in Massachusetts will not be able to get a seat in a Head Start classroom.

Three-year-old Miles Kollie doesn’t know a lot about the word “sequestration,” but his mother Elizabeth has learned the hard way.

“To tell me that my seat got cut, it was frustrating,” Kollie tells WBZ-TV.

Kollie lost her son’s seat at the nearby ABCD Gertrude Townsend Head Start in Dorchester – a federally funded program for preschoolers like Miles to get a jump start on their education.

Director Marchelle Raynor is being forced to close two classrooms at her site because of the sweeping federal budget cuts enacted by Congress to reduce the nation’s deficit.

“This room would have had two teaching staff and 20 children in it. This year it ends up being a space,” said Raynor "

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