Several High Profile Bills Untouched As Legislative Session Nears End

July 28, 2012 12:00 AM
Several High Profile Bills Untouched As Legislative Session Nears End
" BOSTON (AP) — With the current legislative session set to end Tuesday at midnight, Massachusetts lawmakers have just a few days left to debate and vote on many high-profile bills.

Among the proposals are legislation to lower spiraling health care costs in the state, fund transportation and infrastructure projects and spur economic development by both funding research at state universities and creating an online resource for businesses. House Speaker Robert DeLeo said in a statement that he hopes to end the session by passing the bills.

“The 187th session began with the passage of a number of important pieces of legislation … and I expect it to end on an equally positive note,” he said.

Rounding out the priorities of Senate leadership are storm response, prescription drug abuse and energy costs legislation, said David Falcone, a spokesman for Senate President Therese Murray.

A look at some of the major bills:

—HEALTH CARE COST CONTAINMENT: Topping the to-do lists of both the House and Senate is a complex health care cost containment bill, which is aimed at saving the state billions of dollars over 15 years "

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