Suffolk Downs Reconsidering Options After Voters Reject Plan

November 6, 2013 5:25 PM
Suffolk Downs Reconsidering Options After Voters Reject Plan
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" BOSTON (CBS) — Suffolk Downs says it will reconsider its options after voters rejected a plan to build a casino in East Boston.

Suffolk Downs is part of a 52 acre site that sits in the City of Revere and East Boston.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030′s Mark Katic reports

play pause Suffolk Downs Reconsidering Options After Voters Reject Plan Mark Katic

Voters in Revere said “yes” to a casino by a big margin but because Suffolk Downs straddles Revere and East Boston, both communities had to say yes.

Despite massive spending to convince residents the casino was a good idea, 56-percent of East Boston voters said no "

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After Caesars withdrew from Suffolk Downs, MGM passing these background checks is not ... They had to sell 50% of their stake in the Borgata Atlantic City. New Jersey is now reconsidering their license. MGM was moreover just found suitable in Maryland.

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Long odds in Springfield

But after the big doings at Suffolk Downs lately, the dream appears set to slip away ... Since then, MGM has reduced Ho’s share in the Macau operation, and New Jersey is reconsidering. But as the Caesars shocker indicates, the bar is way high in ...

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