Tax On Computer, Software Services Turning Into Political Kryptonite

August 15, 2013 9:31 PM
Tax On Computer, Software Services Turning Into Political Kryptonite
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" BOSTON (CBS) — A little-noticed part of Beacon Hill’s recent tax hikes to fund transportation is suddenly getting plenty of notice.

Not since 1990, when a sweeping expansion of the sale tax caused a huge political upheaval before it was finally scrapped, has anyone seen anything like it.

The new tax on computer and software services is also turning into political kryptonite.

Now, a key supporter of the tax wants to repeal it.

People are not happy with Sen. Karen Spilka’s support for the tax package and the first-ever application of the state sales tax to computer and software services.

It’s forced the state revenue department to issue scores of clarifications and releases.

“DOR will not take a heavy hand in enforcing this law during this transition period,” said Department or Revenue Commissioner Amy Pitter "

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