And by the end of the current quarter i

January 11, 2012 12:00 AM
And by the end of the current quarter i

Pascal Cagni is Vice President and General Manager of the Europe region, Middle East, India and Africa, that hangs in the second quarter almost a quarter of the sales of the Apple brand.

That represents for Apple the region you are

Europe, the Middle East and Africa is the region of the world which progresses more quickly for the Apple group, since 15 of quarters now. The third quarter did there not derogate from, with annual growth of 22, a little more than $ 2 billion, which represents nearly a quarter of the revenues of the group. It is two times more than our growth on the Americas, which always represent the first market - certainly more mature but still growing - to Apple. The region also crossed this threshold of 2 billion quarterly revenue for the first time in March. This third quarter sales in Europe were much more efficient that the months of April to June are traditionally deemed be weaker, because including bridges of May. The France, the Germany and Britain fired growth in Europe, while the countries of the East are the penalty.

How the best growth in Europe translated into sales

The sale of Mac computers in the region grew, in the third quarter, faster that across the Atlantic, namely from 9 in volume, the European market of PC contracted by 11, according to Gartner. In a context of economic recession, our product innovation proves be a winning recipe. But European turnover related to the Mac is back, as elsewhere, due to price erosion. Europe is also more dynamic than the United States on players iPod, thanks, among other things, to the iPod Touch as an iPhone but without the camera function and telephone service, Editor's note. On the iPhone, the range is reinforced in June with the new 3GS model, it is already marketed with great success in ten European countries (France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland and Austria). And, by the end of the current quarter, i.e. before end of September, the iPhone 3GS will be launched in a dozen other countries in the region.

What is your sales network, since including the end of the iPhone exclusive

On the iPhone, the first version was sold exclusively by mobile operators, such as Orange in France. For a year, iPhone 3 G and now the iPhone 3GS are also marketed in many other points of sale (distribution, resellers specialized, etc.), which we welcome.

On the Mac and the iPod, we cover the European market which continues to grow and develop including the Apple Premium Resellers are resellers completely independent - without being franchisees - but entirely dedicated to our products. They are currently 630 in Europe, including 57 in France. The Mac are also present in our key partners of the large-scale distribution (FNAC, Darty, Boulanger, Saturn or even Surcouf in France). Apple finally has its own chain of stores - the Apple Store - 25 are already open in our area: to the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy and Germany. The France should have its first Apple Store in the Louvre in the last quarter of this year, ready for the holiday of the year!