And it is particularly strong among women

February 15, 2012 12:00 AM
And it is particularly strong among women

And whether women were the forgotten of the banking world To see, it is sufficient to monitor its mailbox: same address, sometimes significantly fewer letters of prospecting for Madam for Mr, including on the part of the banks in line. In these times of crisis where the activity of retail has more than ever need to conquer new depositors and to reassure customers, actors have yet any interest to focus more on the consumers of financial services.

"The banks were often a lack of knowledge of their clients, their profile as the global place, while more than half of women ensures only the day-to-day management of Finance of the couple and that 30 do so with their spouse," said Philippe Derambure, associated cabinet Exton consulting comes to carry out a study on the theme: "Financial Services". ": what women want." By comparison, the proportions are fairly similar to what happens for the races of the household! Bad point, the Advisor provides little on their assets and even on their mobile number or e-mail address. At discharge, however, women remain more discrete than men on their savings. Not "syndrome Calimero" so: they have the sense to be taken as seriously as men by their institution.

That does not account managers, on the contrary, that they need to maintain the relationship. Clients report also more satisfied than men of their main Bank, a good sign for their loyalty. But they are less likely to "stay out of habit." The image of what often happens in the couple at the time of the divorce decisions. With a non-trivial consequence: they were more frequently left their settlement and most often are multibancarisées, even if most of their assets is located in the same place. The effects of the life cycle are also taken into account. Married or sculls women are more numerous than single have said farewell to a facility, as the transition to two is a moment of truth for their banker. Or an opportunity for the spouse...

The importance of tariffs

The key points include a strong attention to the price. Three out of four women consider the expensive rates, even if many do not know the amounts of financial services. And 40 want to obtain better conditions making play competition, against only 25 of men. "The subject of the award is still rather taboo in the banking world that communicates not really on the subject." "There is a marketing of the tariff to rework", said Philippe guards, Director of the cabinet. The theme is all the more urgent to address that, next year, the sector must provide to its customers an annual consolidated invoice to facilitate comparison and made aware of the costs.

Another marked difference: popular information channels. Women go more readily to agency or call to advise them. Internet has much less their favour among the male gent. Which is ironic because they are very the canvas to make their purchases. And that nearly one in two believes that the Web could become the only way to perform banking operations. Obviously, institutions are struggling to find the proper registry! "The Internet offer is in review." "Perhaps should consider specific, more close to the e-shopping sites of aufeminin, with a principle of sheets", said Philippe Derambure.

The need to be reassured

As, in these times of concern over the financial world, may need to be reassured that increase. And it is particularly strong among women. Among the more affluent, 70 prefer an increase in moderate but steady their investments against 45 of men to the same standard of living, more willing to accept changes to a higher gain. A safety concern is also reflected in the relationship to the mark: they attach more importance than the other half of the population to the reputation of the company where they have them.

To address the female public, some are beginning to their book products or places. Bred Banque Populaire offers, MasterCard, Affinity card holders may benefit from regulations differ in three times, of emergency services at home, extensions of guarantees and benefits in signs online such as or FnacMusic. For its part, Pictet, which is higher than EUR 1 million heritage, has launched an offer for women including a Charter of commitment and a relational contract with, the key, the heritage management training but also services of organization of travel and luxury ("Les Echos" from September 15) janitorial. In Austria, Raiffeisen was even further. At Gastein, he opened a pole for women with ambiance lounge, corner for children, specific product offerings.

But all these attempts do not constitute the same membership. 42 of the bearing French bank cards are indeed favourable cards which would be for them. But haro on the ghettos. 85 of consumers do not want that their institution offers a trademark or a sign that would be exclusively for them. And they reject as much specific agencies.

On the other hand, clients are grabs of loyalty and recognition programs to get rebates on their bank charges, of the gift to be used in-store, or even to reverse funds for humanitarian causes. They seem as interested in offers from their banks for services to the person. A trail to follow at the time where the groups are seeking growth relays, without danger of "sub-prime".