Total will produce 170 minutes of animation

October 19, 2011 12:00 AM
Total will produce 170 minutes of animation

Do not say Philippe Geluck, the author of the "cat", it is bulimic. It is simply "gourmand". In little more than a quarter of century of career, this Brussels has indeed proved that he lacked no appetite. Some simply draw, he invents at regular intervals for new challenges. Actor, screenwriter, human television, radio and advertising, Director of collection at Casterman, cinéaste "The courage, it is not only to start new things." "It is also to stop what still works to have the time to try something else", says this author also philosopher than his comic strip character. At the time or fate the Act XVI of the "cat", Philippe Geluck has already two new irons in the fire: on the small TV screen, another even smaller screen of the iPhone.

Because if the former accomplice of Michel Drucker in "Strongly Sunday" waived a Sunday visit France 2 in 2005, it now aims to return to television with "The cat & company", a series of 75 episodes of 2.15 minutes which will put in scene the universe of Geluck. "There will be four or five gags, as animations, played skits or photomontages", explains the artist, which is quite "guest stars" point as Ramzy, Pierre Richard and Pierre Arditi. "Total will produce 170 minutes of animation." "It is more than a documentary," fun, in the hope of a start of diffusion in France, Belgium and Switzerland in the fall of 2011 or early 2012.

For the first time, the artist will also have frankly out of his loneliness to work around him a team of several dozen people. "At 16 frames per second, I'm having difficulty to do everything all alone", relativizes this author, who works more than ten hours a day, but who still wants to keep a little free time for other projects as its application iPhone launched late September.

"For 1.59 euro, the price of a subway ticket, I propose an unpublished drawing by day, games, and sketchs. ", list the designer. "At this price, it will take us at least 50,000 users to simply recoup our investment," calculates Philippe Geluck, who hopes a "big success". "My parents, born at the beginning of the 1920s, never did use a VCR." Me, this is not the greed attracts me on the iPhone. "But it is because I feel that with the Internet, digital, we are at the beginning of something new if in ten years it reads most printed books, I have interest in prepare me" fun.

Until the demise of the paper, Mister g. is still good deal. "I ponds more than one egg per day", admits that most of the daily, which, as a bonus, book each week boards to "VOD" in France, Belgium "evening" and "The illustrated" in Switzerland. "And every time an original content!" promises Philippe Geluck, which says: "life is too short." Live 7 lives as a cat, he must live in parallel, not one after the other. "This is why I am so much", professes this binge Sorry, this gourmand.