Adrian Gonzalez Playing Right Field At Fenway Park Must End Now

May 31, 2012 12:00 AM
Adrian Gonzalez Playing Right Field At Fenway Park Must End Now
" BOSTON (CBS) — In baseball, the word “luck” has crept too far into analysis of players, with the notion of BABIP (batting average on balls in play) being more a function of good or bad fortune than it is of good or bad contact. In that sense, the concept of “luck” being the main determinant of baseball outcomes is a steaming hot pile of hogwash.

Still, with that being established, the Red Sox are rather lucky to have won the past two games.

More specifically, it was more the result of a fortunate decision by Bobby Valentine on Tuesday that led to Will Middlebrooks resting and Ryan Sweeney playing right field. Sweeney made a spectacular sliding catch to rob Brennan Boesch of a hit in the second, and he later made a great play by catching a laser to the warning track off the bat of Miguel Cabrera that would have scored two runs. Had either of those balls fallen, there’s no telling if Daniel Bard would have been able to get out of the jams that would have followed, and there’s no telling if the Red Sox would have gone on to win 6-3 "

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