8 Awful Parting Gifts That Teams Gave Derek Jeter

September 29, 2014 6:46 PM
8 Awful Parting Gifts That Teams Gave Derek Jeter
" BOSTON (CBS) – When Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter announced prior to the start of the 2014 season that it would be his last, we knew the farewell tour would be long, drawn out, and at times insufferable.

But even the nauseating media coverage couldn’t match the awfulness of some of the gifts the Captain received on his way out.

All season long, teams paid their Re2pect to Jeter by showering him with impractical crap he’ll likely never use or wear, but did so anyways because why not? Everyone else is doing it!

That’s not to say Jeets isn’t worthy of the farewell presents, because quite frankly he’s earned it. First ballot Hall of Famer, no doubt. But some of these gifts are real head scratchers.

Here are 8 Awful Parting Gifts That Teams Gave Derek Jeter:


PHOTOS: Derek Jeter got a pinstriped kayak from the Rays 4.nbcny /y2IkJtH

— NBC New York ( NBCNewYork) September 17, 2014

Through salary and endorsements, it’s estimated that Derek Jeter has earned $400 million in his baseball career. He can afford the finest luxuries, probably even the world’s biggest yacht "

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