Bobby Valentine, ‘Dysfunctional’ Red Sox Featured On Cover Of Sports Illustrated

September 5, 2012 12:00 AM
Bobby Valentine, ‘Dysfunctional’ Red Sox Featured On Cover Of Sports Illustrated
" BOSTON (CBS) — For the second straight week, a Boston sports figure stands on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Unlike last’s Rob Gronkowski cover photo, this one is unlikely to end up hanging on any Boston sports fan’s wall.

Bobby Valentine on the cover of Sports Illustrated

This week’s cover features Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine looking rather exasperated as he holds his face in his hands with his eyes shut.

The story accompanying the picture is written by SI senior writer Tom Verducci and is titled, “How The Red Sox Lost Their Way.”

The cover also features words which have been used often over the past 12 months when discussing the Red Sox, including “dysfunctional, fiasco, epic collapse, chicken and beer, broken, unprepared, done, Liverpool, feud, divided, circus, blown leads, split, disconnect, mediocrity, disarray, management, overpaid, lack of leaders and blame.”

“Current manager Bobby Valentine has been blamed for many of this season’s problems,” the story says "

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