‘Boston Strong’ Makes Cover Of Sports Illustrated

April 23, 2013 5:51 PM
‘Boston Strong’ Makes Cover Of Sports Illustrated
" BOSTON (CBS) — For the 2nd continuousecs week, Bosecston hasecs been had on the concealment of Sportsecs Illusecstrated, though thisecs time, it’secs for a very much to a greater extent uplifting reasecson.

One time period after the mag consecrated its screen to the Boston Marathon bombings, SI employed an mental representation of Jonny Gomes shrinking his musculuses while having on the Red Sox’ particular “Boston” place tee shirts from Saturday daytime at Fenway Park.

The covertt of the public press that will exit to the land considers Gomes in the topmost abstraction corner, with Kevin Durant the important focus, but the location covertt puts down the Boston narrative proximity and center "

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