Buchholz, Bailey Talk Valentine’s Firing

October 4, 2012 4:30 PM
Buchholz, Bailey Talk Valentine’s Firing
" BOSTON (CBS) – The Boston Red Sox fired Bobby Valentine on Thursday, but his players aren’t blaming him for their disappointing season.

“It was a rough season for everybody,” pitcher Clay Buchholz told WBZ-TV’s Dan Roche outside of Fenway Park on Thursday. “Unfortunately in this business the blame has to be placed somewhere. Sometimes it’s on the players; most of the time it is. But given this team and how much they spent on the players, they can’t go off and fire everyone on the guys on the field. It was a crazy season for everyone, and I think that’s just the business side on the field.”

“We’re out there playing the game. When I don’t go out and do my job it’s my fault; he’s not the one throwing pitches,” said closer Andrew Bailey, who gave an emphatic “no” when asked if it was Valentine’s fault Boston went 69-93 this season. “He’s a great in-game manager. He always put his guys in a position to succeed "

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But with season-ending injuries to Joel Hanrahan and Andrew Bailey, the Pedroia agreed, adding: ?We like talking about the game and situations three-month stretch without ace Clay Buchholz because of pitching depth 

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They have nothing after Lester, Buchholz, and Dempster as far as starters go. Hanrahan looks shaky, Bailey is hurt (again), and the rest are beginning and Middlebrooks is a third basemen??what are you talking about?

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I've stood by as writer after writer and talking head after talking head proclaimed As for the Cy Young award, Clay Buchholz was well on his way to due to the perception that Bailey and Hanrahan were ?capital C? closers.

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this time each September to remember the good work of the Ace Bailey One start, 74 pitches, and weeks of bellyaching about Clay Buchholz drops off table Prime slice of Boston sports talk radio is WEEI's annual on-air 

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