Curtis: Still Wondering Why Red Sox Re-Signed An Injured Ortiz

March 4, 2013 7:57 AM
Curtis: Still Wondering Why Red Sox Re-Signed An Injured Ortiz
" BOSTON (CBS) – The multi-year time lag passed on by the Red Sox to David Ortiz this season is one of the much contestable determinations done by this already incertain Sox direction group.

Why made the Sox do up one's mind to do rendering Ortiz a multi-year dealings a precedency this season when he was separating a yet-to-be better Achilles injury?

Why made they select to make thing they were thusly hesitating to make in ancient yrs for a rubicund Ortiz, until at present thusly inclined to make for the at present wounded and developing DH?

What changed?

In the quondam two offseasons, Red Sox social control left of its manner to act Papi to the verge of arbitration; ne'er acting on the multi-year understanding that Ortiz had coveted.

In those two twelvemonths Ortiz amount 145 competitions vied and over 30 homer, so far ne'er whiff a workable 2-year deal.

In December of 2011, Papi judged a two-year, $19 million offeringing from Ben Cherington and judged their one-year, $14.5 million offeringing or else appropriate to obviate arbitration "

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