Felger & Mazz: Peter Gammons On Pedroia’s Thumb Injury

May 30, 2012 12:00 AM
Felger & Mazz: Peter Gammons On Pedroia’s Thumb Injury
" Peter Gammons of MLB joined Felger and Massarotti to talk some Boston Red Sox Wednesday afternoon.

After Gammons let Felger and Mazz know about the use of Sabermetrics in the NBA, the guys got into the Dustin Pedroia thumb injury. How long could Pedroia be out for? Could he avoid the Disabled List?

“He should be back after the Toronto series (this weekend),” said Gammons. “He said it’s been bothering him for about three weeks… they have to make sure the swelling goes down and it’s still a ways forward, but he’s convinced he won’t be disabled and he’ll be back after they go to Toronto (this) weekend.”

The Sox turned off a lot people last September and it continued into Spring Training this year. Will last night’s win over Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tiger start to turn people back on to the Sox?

“Watching that Verlander-Nava at-bat (in the fourth inning), where it’s all 99-100 MPH and this guy that weighed 95-pounds in high school ends up hitting the ball down the left field line (for a three-run double); that’s why I’m a baseball fan. It doesn’t have to be star vs "

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