Felger & Mazz: 10 Red Sox Questions For Tony

August 20, 2012 12:00 AM
Felger & Mazz: 10 Red Sox Questions For Tony
" Tony Massarotti enjoyed some vacation time last week, away from all the drama that is the Boston Red Sox.

So to catch him up on everything, Michael Felger had 10 Red Sox questions prepared for Mazz on Monday:

10. Carl Crawford will reportedly shut it down for the rest of the season and get Tommy John on his left elbow. He had wrist surgery this offseason, months after it was recommended. Now he is having Tommy John surgery in August, after it was suggested back in April. What does this say about the Red Sox as an organization?

“The thing I find most startling about this whole year, these guys are acting completely different as they were at the beginning of the year. They’re passive and reactionary,” said Mazz. “They are waiting too long on all of this stuff. They have become this passive, reactionary franchise. They’ve taken a complete hands-off approach and it’s killing them.”

9. Over the weekend we found out that traded catcher Kelly Shoppach sent out the famous text message picture of Bobby V. taking a nap — from Adrian Gonzalez’ phone "

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